Online Qualitative Services

As consumers have adopted new ways of communicating online, Addison Research has evolved its methodologies to keep pace. We’ve mastered the intricacies of online research for our clients to conduct their projects locally and globally. This allows you to lower costs, increase speed of research, and allow for greater interactivity and use of visual stimuli.

Our Solutions

Online Qualitative methods such as focus groups, video chats, IDIs, or communities are effective market research tools. They are the preferred methods for our clients as they save time and cost of traveling, which also facilitates the process for participants and observers. Addison Research has conducted online discussions among a wide array of audiences, covering everything from early-stage creative development, consumer profiling/brand champion exploratory, product usage, concept evaluations/optimizations, inundation and deprivation, barriers research, path to purchase, and more.

Online Focus Groups & Webcam IDIs

Similar to a traditional focus group, where the clients can listen through a one-way mirrored window, the clients can listen and watch an online focus group on a phone line or through their computer. We can set-up online focus groups in as little as 3-5 days. Video-based online focus groups combine the convenience of the Web with the comfort of an in-person discussion. Researchers can conduct Individual Interviews (IDIs) or connect with up to 8 participants simultaneously. Client observers can discuss the group and provide feedback to the moderator privately from the group discussion.

Online Bulletin Boards & Communities

Online communities offer an interactive channel to communicate and develop relationships with your customers by engaging them in meaningful conversation. With the Online Community, decision makers can gain insight on customer satisfaction, loyalty, perception, and spending habits. Imagine being able to ask your customers a question whenever you want and receive feedback almost instantly.

Video Journals | Self Ethnography

In-the-moment, remote Qualitative Research using Mobile Ethnography lets you walk in the shoes of your target audience and experience contextual, everyday moments. the Mobile Ethnographic Research platform puts you at the intersection of your Customer, their Context and the real life Moments in which they experience your Product or Service.

Home Usage Test | Product Placement

A home usage test enables participants to use and evaluate products in their own homes, or in another natural usage environments instead of at a facility. The purpose of the product placement test is to give research participants the ability to evaluate a product after using it for a long period of time rather than just a few minutes. Many consumers will use a product differently in their own homes rather than in a testing setting.

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