Car Clinic Services

Addison Research’s automotive team provides accurate and reliable data insights to car manufacturers and market research agencies with the help of both quantitative and qualitative methods. The majority of our Car Clinic tests are under taken in the U.S. and Canada.

Our years of experience running Car Clinics in key automotive markets around the world covers every stage of the development process from design choices, prototype refinement and package optimization, to target audience definition and launch price positioning. We integrate qualitative techniques to provide instant feedback that can enrich design and development through ethnographic own-car sessions, creative workshops, eye-tracking and exit interviews.

We also offer a Virtual Car Clinic approach which delivers consumer feedback faster than ever before, enabling you to adapt designs “on the fly” in response to early insights. Some of our car clinic services include:

Tailored clinic design to meet client’s research objectives (static, virtual or dynamic clinic)
High quality respondent recruiting capabilities nationally
Central locations and venues
Quantitative on-site interviewing
Real-time onsite reporting
Professional moderation by qualitative experts
Analysis and reporting

Tailored Car Clinic Design

Car manufacturers want to conduct car clinics at different cities and locations. The car clinic design varies depending on the client’s research objective. Addison Research’s automotive division has a standard car clinic model which consists of four dimensions. Depending on the car clinic research objective, we provide clients with tailored car clinic design to meet study objective and work within client’s budget.


It is important to select the right venue at the right place to invite the right respondents. We arrange for the clinic venue with enough space necessary to provide an adequate venue to meet all necessary demands. We divide the venue into zones and rooms. We facilitate venue bookings in major cities in Canada and the US.

Our car clinic layout includes following spaces:

Our logistics team procures the display (competitive) vehicles as per client specs and when
prototype model is delivered; our forklift driver will be ready to move the vehicle inside the venue.

Recruiting target

Recruiting of respondents is one of the most crucial parts of the project. Since clinics are generally conducted on a very small selection, the quality of the received data and, accordingly, applicability of the result depends on reliability of the selection made. Addison Research has unparalleled skills and resources to recruit the eligible participants in a matter of days.


Security is a critical aspect of car clinics given the confidentiality of the research being undertaken. Generally, we recommend hiring 4 security personnel for check-in and 24- hour venue surveillance. Following are our security standards which can be strengthened depending on client’s request;

Entrance security: only one entrance is available to enter and exit the venue

Metal detector security at the entrance

Identification check and name-tags for all participants, staff and clients

No personal belongings such as mobile phones or bags are allowed in clinic venue

24 hour security guard to protect property and facilities


For the quantitative sessions, we carefully select interviewers and assistants who are experienced and possess automotive relevant knowledge. Our researcher and field work manager conducts training sessions prior to the clinic going live.


For qualitative sessions, FGDs and IDIs will be moderated by a professional moderator who has over 5 years of qualitative experience in the automotive research. The moderator will have 2 to 3-hour instruction session with clients.

Clinic Session

Clinic sessions may vary depending on car clinic design, however, in general they consist of following sessions:



Qualitative session

Expert Interviews
Mini-group Interviews
Focus Group Interviews

For qualitative session, simultaneous translator is available upon request. Debriefing session is held after each qualitative session.


Quantitative: Clean data in format of ASCII, EXCEL or SPSS

Qualitative: Transcripts in English and DVD

Analysis report upon request

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