Phone Data Collection

Whether calling the United States, Canada or internationally, our telephone researchers are great at interacting with people. The quality of your results depends on their professionalism and accuracy – their overall commitment to the research process.

Our telephone interviewers are thoroughly trained in the latest technology and survey research methodology. Techniques such as refusal conversion and the minimization of non-response are essential to efficient interviewing. We educate our staff in detail before each project so that they clearly understand survey topics and instructions.


Addison Research maintains proprietary panels of Canadian and American consumers. To give our clients the competitive edge, Addison Research engages in advanced programming and reporting modules to help you prepare a presentation that will set you apart from your competition. Addison Research’s on-staff programmers develop customized online survey modules in HTML, Flash, Java and PHP overlays to suit the particular research need focused on increasing the response rates and optimizing the survey taking experience.


Addison Research provides full-service qualitative services and maintains a specialized database of General Population consumers for research recruiting. In addition, we have an internal database of Healthcare professionals, Patients, and B2B respondents such as C-Suite, IT, Finance, Sales, and Admin Staff. We cover the U.S. and Canada coast-to-coast and our qualitative research services include:

  • Focus Groups: Whether it is in-person, online, or IDIs, our team can recruit your target respondent. Our researchers and in-house moderators have designed and conducted focus groups across the U.S., Canada, and internationally
  • Central Location Testing (CLTs): Whether it is recruiting for and running taste testing, package or product testing, or TV commercial sessions, our team can provide guidance and support at every stage of the development process.
  • Onsite Research: Our interviewers speak to patrons and participants onsite using iPads, gathering information on demographics, advertising testing, communications, and the overall appeal of the product, promotion or event.
  • Car Clinics: We under take both small, single city static evaluations, to large-scale, multi-city/country tests. We provide guidance and support from recruiting to design choices, package optimization, target audience definition and launch price positioning.


We have extensive experience in data processing and analysis enabling our clients to gain valuable insights from our analytical solutions. We can produce advanced statistical analysis on any survey data we collect, including regression analysis, cluster analysis, or multivariate. We offer strategic research solutions to help organizations understand and manage issues, advance their reputations, determine and pinpoint shifts in attitude and opinion, enhance communications, and evaluate policy.

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